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Watch Callum Explain How We're Offering Discounts For Clients Who Refer us to Their Network.


A referral can be made to any company which possesses a different registration nukmber from Companies House or different Sole Trader branding, irregardless of company directors' positions on multiple boards.

The referred company must commit to a filming project through a set date before any discounts can be applied to invoices. The discount will be applied to the next generated invoice. If a second or third referral is made after an invoice is generated, the discount will be applied to the next film project/invoice that the referring company makes with Limitless Film and Media Ltd.

Limitless Film and Media Ltd are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to maintain credibility and fairness for clients making use of credit options. A credit contract must be signed before a 'film now, pay later' option is sanctioned. If invoices are not paid within 168 of reciept the interest will be applied at 8% APR.